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  What is Arpan?
We are all about a power of a thought. A thought, to make a difference in our
own life while serving others. Our goal is to serve humanity with total indifference
to caste, creed, community, religion, language or region. The very first project,
a Blood Bank, 1984 started under the auspices of ‘Arpan’ with active participation
of family and friends. The blood bank was second only to Red Cross in size
and operation. It was followed by an Eye Bank, collecting eyeballs from deceased
human beings. It collects about 600 eyeballs every year. Late Dr. A.M. Pai,
a pathologist / philanthropist (Mumbai, India) was the inspiration of
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  Arpan Foundation. Since migrating to USA, the playing field changed, so now, ARPAN is coming back as a registered charitable
organization under section 501(C)3. Federal Tax ID# 20-5593243.
  Arpan is supporting about 20 institutions working at the grassroots level in the following areas,
  - Providing education to the children in the slums and the tribal regions
  - Improving health standards amongst the children in regions where the mortality rate is very high due to malnutrition
  - Rehabilitation of the mentally/physically challenged and the leprosy patients
  - Creating self help groups for women and providing them with micro finance to help them live their life with dignity.
  Mission Statment
Arpan's mission is to serve humanity by supporting institutions that work at the grassroots level and to distribute 100% of the
collected funds. Our aim is to develop Arpan into an institution that attracts the younger generation so that the power of serving
humanity may be passed on as the legacy of the elder generation.
  Present Status
We have identified some institutions that are functioning well but can use more funds to support their causes. We also noticed
that the people behind these institutions are lifetime devotees of their cause. Amte family of Maharogi Seva Samiti has been
serving for three generations. The Project tab of the website lists and gives more details of these projects and the persons
behind them. We have identified several institutions.
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  Our Goal Line Image   How Do I Participate?
  listing Image Continue to spread the message and expand the
Arpan family
  listing Image Be familiar with the projects
listing Image Make a commitment and fund it
  listing Image Encourage members of the Arpan family to visit the
institutions we work with, and review and evaluate
their feedback
    (Click here for various options)
listing Image Receive newsletter to review the work done
listing Image Invite friends and family members to join
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