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  Snehalaya - Ahmednagar

Cause: Snehalaya is working for the welfare of victimized women and minors in flesh trade and their children. The welfare projects undertaken by Snehalaya include a shelter home for destitute girls and boys as well as for HIV infected children and women. Along with the shelter home, the residents are provided with health and education facilities.

Profile: Snehalaya is founded by a group of friends, which includes Dr. Girish Kulkarni (Founder & Hon. Director � a professor by profession), inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda.

Snehalaya mainly works with children from the red light areas and provides them with overall care-taking to help build their future. This includes providing them with immediate medical care, food and shelter, and then accept the responsibility for all their living costs (food, clothing, education, recreation, character building etc.) till their complete rehabilitation is achieved. The average cost per child for such an initiative is very high as compared to only the cost of education and other day care initiatives. The children need a loving and caring environment with a minimum commitment of 18 years for any child from kindergarten stage till he/she is able to independently face the challenges of the world.

With 161 children and 27 women in residential rehabilitation project, 900 children in slum based Balbhavans, about 1200 women in prostitution in Ahmednagar district, more than 3000 HIV positives, 30 full time workers, numerous volunteers and well wishers, Snehalaya is a place of vibrant activity.

Activities: Below is a partial list of activities through which Snehalaya � Ahmednagar is trying to make a difference,

  • Snehjyot project runs a free medical & health care centre in the red light areas of Ahmednagar district.
  • Ahmednagar - Childline renders 24hrs emergency help line for children in need of care & protection. It is regarded as one of the best childline centers in the whole of India.
  • Under its Healthcare & Education support program for slum children, 5 centers with the facility of library and reading room have been started in 5 major slums of Nagar.
  • Snehalaya provides free vocational training [art & crafts, tailoring] at these centers.
  • Snehalaya runs an Adoption Centre for the destitute children who are abandoned by their unwed mothers.

Future Plans:

  • Hospital & complete rehabilitation for the prostitutes, HIV positives and the rescued victims at the new project site at village lslak � 10 miles from Ahmednagar. It will include a �Vocational Training Center�.
  • Youth center to involve the youths in various humanitarian & Nation Building work.
  • Balbhavans (child care and development centers) in every major slum & red light areas of Ahmednagar District.

Arpan's Participation:

  • Initial target is to provide steady stream of funds on monthly basis.
  • In the second phase adopt a center/s and/or children and provide ongoing support.
  • Arpan is, and will continue to be in touch with Snehalaya and finalize the details of the second phase.
  • Encourage all the contributors of ARPAN to visit any facility in India. The trip can be planned in advance from USA.

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