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    1,000 for 1,000 to build a stronger foundation
The idea for 1000 for 1000 originated when grants for a lot of our institutions were cut because of the recession and the subsequent budget cuts at all levels � individual, corporates and governments.

We as individuals will most likely be able to ride this recession by managing our finances better� but the fact remains that no matter how hard hit we are by the economic slow down, we are still vastly better off than those who are not able to provide even the
basic necessities like food, clothing, education etc. to their family.

Since these people have nothing to cut and are dependent on the grants of others, we want to create a solid foundation for our institutions. We want to relieve our institutions of the day to day stress of raising funds or worry about how the next week�s supplies
will be paid for. We do not want these institutions to cut their budgets or activities because of this downturn or any downturn in future, instead we would want them to expand their reach to serve even more underprivileged people of the society.

For the people who have committed their life and are working tirelessly for the welfare
of others, we need to build a solid foundation. For this, we want to enroll at least 1,000 supporters who would commit to contribute at least $1,000 every year for causes supported by Arpan.

From our side, we are committed to make sure that 100% of your contribution will reach these institutions without any deductions.

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